About Us

Who we Are?

Our Team consists of people that are strongly confident that stretching is a routine that can essentialy improve how we live. Stretching helps us maintain a healthy body and mind and relieves many diseases’ symptoms! This is why we founded Stretchify.com in May 2013!

Our Goal

  • We built this portal in order to give people a clear image of the huge potential of Stretching! We will try to make you familiar with the several Stretching Types and will show you how to stretch every part of your body! Besides we will show you the right way to alleviate the symptoms of many serious diseases by means of stretching
  • We feel its important to provide our Advice regarding your questions about everything that has to do with Stretching!  You just have to contact us and ask your questions! But we need to make clear that our advice CAN’T and SHOULDN’Treplace the opinion of an expert physiotherapist/orthopaedic etc!
  • Finally we are building a directory of board certified Physiotherapists so as to give you the option to contact them and ask them whatever you want or arrange an appointment!

If you want to contact us with questions or suggestions for improvement please feel free to use the form below: