Rehab Patient’s Story Supporting Aquatic Therapy Benefits

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Physical Therapy in water is not something new! This concept exists for a long time and its benefits lie in the buoyancy (which reduces the joints stress) as well as to the viscosity of water (which provides a great source of resistance). Another story recently come into public comes to strengthen the opinion that Aquatic Therapy is an excellent form of Physical Therapy which gives solutions in cases where other Physical Therapy Options can’t!

aquatic physical therapyJoan Burlingham had to traverse a long path after her right knee replacement procedure! This path was including much of Physical Therapy in order for full rehabilitation to be achieved! The thing is that during her Physical Therapy sessions she faced a serious issue! She wasn’t able to walk properly! Joan reports: “I was always active but the knee pain was something that bothered me all the time I walk every day and it really was slowing down my walking,” Burlingham said.

Her Physical Therapist, Scott Canup, quickly noticed this issue and decided her best option was aquatic therapy: “Joan was a patient of mine she came in for knee rehab after she had her knee replaced.  Things were going wonderfully, she had great motion and was progressing nicely, but she began having difficulty walking.  Her walking pattern was incorrect so I suggested to her that we get her in the pool and see if we could improve things.”

The problem Jean was facing was she was experiencing hard pain while trying to walk properly/correctly! The idea of an underwater treadmill where Jean would be able to walk properly without pain due to buoyancy (practically the  body weight targetting her joints would be reduced due to buoyancy) was proved to be the ideal solution in her case! Jean claims:  “I didn’t want to walk correctly out of the pool, because when I did it would hurt.  When I got on the treadmill in the pool, my therapist Scott set it for about 25 minutes and I was able to walk in there without pain.  It was terrific the water makes you feel lighter, it was just great.  When I tried walking and running on the underwater treadmill for myself, I have to admit it was a unique feeling.  You do feel lighter, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. ”

This therapy plan helps muscles recall their “walking memory” and gives them the ability to walk correctly again, first inside the pool and then outside of it! Burlingham said:  “You just hold on and it’s great I didn’t feel any pain.  It was a totally different feeling then walking on land, or on a regular treadmill.  I walked in the pool and then after when I got to my car, I thought to myself wow I’m really tired!  How did that happen?  I really felt like I had worked hard physically.”



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