Certified Trainer Gives Positive Feedback on AIS

| February 18, 2014 | 4 Replies

hamstring active isolated stretchingA former accountant and bookkeeper, now Certified Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Patricia Akins recently shared her experience on Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and the potential of this amazing stretching type (for information on the several stretching types click here)!

We’ve published an extended report in AIS and its benefits and the feedback we’ve received on this stretching method is really encouraging!  The unique/main feature of AIS is the performing of several repetitions which are hold for just two seconds at a time in order to tackle the body’s protective stretch reflex in contrast with what happens with Static Stretching! Patricia says: “You’re constantly fighting your body and trying to force it,” and adds “With two-second stretching, you trick it. It allows you to work a little deeper, because that contraction signal never gets sent.”

The main reason Patricia Akins believed on the potential of AIS is because this stretching type did work with her body (which was suffering from usual pain and injuries brought about by skiing). AIS, after only a few weeks, efficiently treated her issues! “I was fixed and I could ski and my knees weren’t broken,” she reports. “Seriously, I don’t have any of the chronic, repetitive-use problems.”

After receiving her special education Patricia decided to start her Sport Yoga Venture in order to offer people the same service that get her rid of pain and injuries! Her first patient was her son, Ethan who was suffering from a bum hamstring and it’s amazing that her treatment fixed his situation. Since then Patricia has been receiving huge positive feedback on her job which is the best (and probably the only) proof of the potential of her AIS methods. During the next year she was involved with Hockey, Football and Basketball teams. Her idea of Yoga, combined with the “moving” AIS Stretches were proved to be a perfect solution!

While the successful results of her methods are not somehow documented,  a few words from her patients are enough:

A girl basketball team captain, I. Riley reports: “She’s fun and funny. She’s really nice and energetic. She has energy the whole time and encourages us.” Her son Ethan says about the benefits he enjoyed while snowboarding:”I don’t stretch now, but even from stretching prior, I notice an increased flexibility.”

This is why now Patricia Akins, one of the greatest believers of the AIS potential, is extremely busy! As she says:  “All of a sudden I’m booked up and busy,”

Take a moment to check out our detailed article on AIS and don’t hesitate to give this option a go! The results will probably surprise you!

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