Self Healing Hamstring Strain – Part I: How it Happened

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After almost 12 months it’s about time for the self healer to come back! During these 12 months i faced one serious issue: A hamstring strain which was later combined with a gluteal strain! Believe it or not this situation took 3 months to be completely fixed! But it took only 15 days after i followed a complete program which i will present in the next article!

How it happened

It was a gradual situation which took a few months and finally made it almost impossible to run without feeling pain! As i’ve mentioned in previous articles i am a fan of soccer! And such a passionate fan is very easy to let silly things happen! Trying a strong shot only a few minutes after the beginning of a soccer match requires a fantastic warm up! Or you will harm your hamstring! After the very first times this happens you just feel sore almost 24 hours after the match. But if you allow it to happens repeatedly, i have some bad news for you: You officialy suffer from a Hamstring strain.

hamstring strain

Ok, it wasn’t only this. Probably the fact that my quadriceps were much stronger than my hamstring made things worse! I was never a fan of the gym exercises that strengthen the hamstring, while the quadricep-strengthening were very popular in my gym schedule!

Also the fact that i wasn’t focusing that much in hamstring care/recovery after sports (tennis, soccer, biking) obviously made things worse! I can’t remember myself ever placing an iced compress on my hamstring!

After a period of 10 days without sport activities (in September) i tried to run in the sand and realised i wasn’t able to run freely.. the hamstring pain was quite intense and i was almost limping.


Hamstring Pain Area

Hamstring Pain Area

It was about time to do something. First things first i had to exactly locate the pain area so as to be able to understand what was going on. The pic on the right shows the exact location of the pain! It was quite obvious that a hamstring strain was root of the pain.. next step was to build a recovery program. Truth is it took almost  2 months before i was able to build this program.. i was spending my time with random sequences of stretching sessions, ice compress applications and strengthening exercises that didn’t help at all. Things  got worse because i didn’t quit soccer! Also notice that a gluteal muscle strain come to make things even worse! Obviously the fact that i continued having sports was the reason behind this second issue. So, it took 2 months to realise that i wouldn’t be able to face the problem without a well scheduled program – which i will present in the next article



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