How physiotherapy keep your knee joints healthy for a better quality life?

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by Health Blogger Linda Daniels

knee joint painThe knees are an important part of the body as they allow one to stand tall and upright. It is, therefore, important to keep the knees healthy for one to have a better quality life. A chronic injury to the knees will affect an individual’s ability to perform daily activities. People who suffer from arthritis or have a knee injury can visit a registered physiotherapist who can help them improve their quality of life. A physiotherapist will help the individual with tips and a treatment plan that will help to keep the knees healthy. The tips and treatment plan that will be given will include the following:

Heat or ice application

Heat or ice application is a temporary solution to the problem, and it will help to ease pain and soreness. Heat or ice application will help to calm the aching knees after taking part in the activities of daily living. Stretching to help in flexing the knees should follow this application.

Strengthening the quadriceps

The quadriceps are muscles in the knees, and they affect its functioning to a great extent and this is because of the pressure they exert on the knees when they are in function. A physiotherapist will help one to know how to strengthen the knees, and this eases mobility. A physiotherapy program can help patients who are dealing with painful joints by strengthening the muscles that surround the knees. A study on Danish women, suffering from osteoporosis show improvement after ten weeks of physiotherapy as compared to women who did not take part in physiotherapy.


The muscles in the knees require a good amount of stretching for one to have flexibility. The muscles that require stretching to allow movement include quadriceps, calf muscles, and hamstrings. A professional physiotherapist will help one to know the right way of stretching up the muscles, and this will lead to muscles pain relief.

Muscle balance

Balancing of the muscles is very important in the health of the knees. Tight and unbalanced muscles can cause mal-tracking of the knee cap, and this causes pain and arthritis over time. It is advisable to visit a physiotherapist to avoid this problem.

Treatment of bad knees

Research shows that physiotherapy and medication are an effective treatment for osteoarthritis knees. The physiotherapists help to improve the strength and flexibility of arthritis joints. The physiotherapist is important in the management of patients who suffer from arthritis as they help to identify the cause of pain. The muscle pain can be due to muscle tightness, and the effective treatment will be exercising and stretching the muscles located in the knee. The physiotherapist will help to know the underlying cause of the problem, and come up with an effective remedy for the same. In cases where the pain comes from an unsteady gait, the patient will use orthotics. Orthotics is inserts of shoes that help to correct problems that come from the alignment.

Making a physiotherapy program work

Physiotherapy is a program that takes time, and it requires patience for it to be successful. The patient should be psychologically ready to put effort into the program as it does not work like magic. Physiotherapist advises patients that the program requires practice and time to retrain and stretch bad muscles and joints. It is advisable for patients to start the program early to prevent recurrence of damage or injury to their knee joints. Physiotherapy helps in saving the cost of treatment as it is cheap in comparison to having surgery. It is advisable for patients to reduce their weight to be able to remain healthy and reduce the pressure applied to the knee joints. Weight management helps to ease pain allowing one to have a better quality life.


Physiotherapy is a program that helps with muscle aches and pain, and it does not involve surgery. The program is cheap and effective in the treatment of relief on knee joint pains. Physiotherapy helps to stretch the muscles located in the knee joint, strengthening the quadriceps and balancing of the muscle. The treatment requires patience and perseverance for it to work.


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