How stretching can boost heart health

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stretching heart healthby Freelance Writer Mark Wilston

In today’s busy work schedules it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing different types of exercises which can address your overall fitness and strength. Overall fitness can only be achieved by flexibility which you will only get through stretching. On the other hand, there are various aerobic exercises that have been shown in many researches to improve the cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Regular exercising also helps to improve your cardiovascular diagnostic measures which is also known as heart rate variability in scientific terms. In other words, heart rate variability is the total amount of time transpires between each heartbeat and if there is a large gap time between heartbeats then one’s heart is considered good.

Famous Dr. Oz has recently come up with his new product called forskolin. Forskolin facts and effects on a body in reducing weight and making it more active for daily routine exercises. See, being physically active is a most important step towards your heart health and further it is one of the vital tools for strengthening your heart muscles. It also keeps your weight under control and keeps a check on on your cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels.

Therefore, it’s never too late to start exercising and even taking a daily brisk walk of 20 mins will also help you in doing stretching and boosting your heart health. There are various benefits of stretching and some of them are mentioned below:

1. Increase flexibility and balance

Stretching workouts directly benefits your musculoskeletal health which further enables you to stay fit, flexible and from several joint pains, muscular issues and cramps. On the other hand, without stretching it becomes difficult for the one to maintain flexibility and aerobic exercise schedules for long. So, if you have a good and strong musculoskeletal system which enables you to do exercise and stretching then your heart will also remain healthy. On top of that stretching exercises also helps you to maintain stability and prevent falls, which can cause injuries to you.

During all types of stretching exercises, your heartbeats increases its frequency and occur at the shorter time of intervals because a heart responds to increased demands from the muscles of your body to provide more supply of oxygen. Therefore, after exercise the heart rate slows down and eventually comes back to its normal level which also known as resting heart rate in scientific terms. The only aim of HRV is to improve your cardiovascular health.

2. Improves range of motion of joints

As we grow older, the muscles of our body get tightened and we are left with a very less range of motion in our joints. Due to which it becomes difficult for you to even perform your daily tasks like cutting nails, zipping dress and even picking things from the floor.

But this does not happen if you are stretching daily because it helps you lengthen your muscles and make these daily simple activities easier and enjoyable for you. Further, it also helps you to prevent from injuries of the joints and muscles.

3. Helps in reducing stress and back pain

Another advantage of stretching is that it helps in reducing your stress and back pain because greater flexibility and good range of motion in various parts of your body will automatically help you to reduce stress levels on your spine and heart. Therefore, if stretching is done in a proper manner, it will help you to relax all your tense muscles which are a result of stress.

4. Improves circulation and provides better posture

Stretching helps to improve circulation of your you blood to the muscles and various joints of your body which in return bring nutrients to cells of your body and removes wastes away. This directly keeps your heart healthy. Simultaneously, it also helps your muscles from getting tight as tight muscles make bad posture which in turn can also affect the functioning of your internal organs like the heart. It also reduces your daily routine body pains.

So, by supporting all the above points, it is concluded that doing stretching is a good idea for everyone who want to boost their heart health. You can also consider some yoga asanas for better results.

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