Self-Healing MCL Sprain – Part III: Gym Recovery

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It’s about time to share the last part of my MCL Sprain Story and how i fixed it on my own! It’s been a long time since posting part II but this was in order to make sure my approach was effective in long terms. In order to learn how this sprain took place check this and if you wish to check the “HomeWork” Part of my Recovery Plan click here! After following a stretching/strengthening routine at home for the first 3 days i decided that it was about time to replace home strengthening exercises with a more intense gym strenghtening program so as to drastically strengthen my foot muscles and increase the balance of the knee area! Following this rehab/strengthening program for 2-2 times per week for the next 2 weeks  were just enough to help my knee fully recover. It’s necessary to mention that since my knee was completely fixed i am having the same gym routine at least once per week to shield my knees! Let’s have a closer look to the gym part of my recovery plan.

The Gym Part

I have been working out in the gym 2-3 times per week, for the last 3 years, so it wasn’t an extra for me to take advantage of my gym opportunities in order to support my healing process. I’ve not posted my own photos on this part because i wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to take photos in the gym. This part of my recovery was including:

  • Knee Stability exercises – A belt tightened on a still spot was necessary. I was following 3 circles of 4 exercises shown on image 1 (A, B, C and D). I was carrying out 20 reps for each of these exercises! I had to be extremely careful while performing them, cause i was feeling some slight pain when performing knee stabilization exercise C. Fortunately this pain disappeared after the second gym routine. Again pain was my best criterion to decide how much should i push my knee!
  • Stregthening exercises – I was planning to reinforce my quads and calves. The quads part was including lifting weights on chair (photo 1). I noticed that the pain located on the MCL was rather intensive when trying to lift heavy weights, so i started with only 10 kgs (20 reps). Then 15, 20, 25, 30 and finally 35 kgs (always performing 20 reps)! It was amazing that during the reps the knee pain was fading while the quads muscles were getting tired.  As for the calves, pain was absent while lifting weights (photo 2) so I decided to perform 3 sets of  15 reps (lifting 80 kgs)
  • Treadmill Walking/Jogging/Running – while my last running experience before following this recovery plan was rather traumatic i was not feeling like suddenly getting in the soccer field and running. So during the second week of my recovery i added a Walking/Jogging/Running session (10 minutes) in order to regain my confidence. I was walking for 2 minutes, then jogging for 3 minutes, then again walking for 2 minutes, jogging for 2 minutes and finally running for 1 minute!

I guess there is no need to repeat that a pre-exercise mild warm up as well as a post-exercise stretching & ice therapy session  is more than necessary to make sure you will grab the benefits of the aforementioned exercises (strengthening, better balance) without harming your knees at all! The stretching session should at least include quad, calf and hamstring stretching! Click the links to read the detailed articles of for efficiently stretch the specific areas.


As i mentioned above i wasn’t feeling like taking photos in the gym so i had to find online photos in order to show you the exact exercises! Have a look at the image and photos below for a better understanding of the Gym Part of my Plan:

mcl sprain rehabilitation

Image 1 – Knee Stability Exercises

Photo 1 - Quad Strehngthening Exercises

Photo 1 – Quad Strehngthening Exercise

Photo 2 - Calves Exercise

Photo 2 – Calf strenghtening Exercise

Photo 3 - Treadmill jogging

Photo 3 – Treadmill jogging

To complete my experience on my MCL Sprain recovery i am glad to report that now, 2 months later, my knee is perfectly fine and I enjoy the perks of having two soccer matches per week! No drugs, no doctors.. only a simple self-made plan! Hopefully my story will help many of you successfully heal your MCL Sprain! Don’t hesitate to ask any question in the form below!

Happy Healing!



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