Self-Healing MCL Sprain – Part I: How it happened

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Hello again!

After receiving extremely positive feedback on the introductory post of my “Self-Healer” Section truth is i can’t wait to publish my next post!  I thought that it would make sense if i would start with an ongoing injury and my efforts to self-heal asap! Let’s get to the point immediately!

How it happened?

mcl sprainIt was a rainy day that wasn’t enough to keep us away from the soccer field! I had almost zero warm up (HUGE Mistake and an exception to my habits that always involve methodical warm up) and only 5 minutes after the game started the wet field made me slip and this caused a huge impact in the outer knee! The force applied in my Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) tore many fibers and apart from pain i felt a really unpleasant instability in my inner knee! This instability feeling was present during the whole match and i was very careful not to slip again!

While the pain wasn’t intensive i tried a dynamic recovery routine that involved quads/calves weight lifting  along with a few stretches. Of course i overestimated myself! 3 days later i had another soccer match (with really minor discomfort which made me pretty optimistic). So the day after the second match i arranged a tennis match for the local Tennis Tournament! Unfortunately things got worse! It was hard for me to accept that during the match i was almost playing with one foot but that was the accurate truth! So i decided to stay away from sporting activities for 3 days and then try again.. this was the most shocking part of the whole experience because during warming up for the next soccer match i realised that i literally couldn’t even jog! Reminded me of the really terrifying experience with my patellar chondropathy (that took place 4 years ago – and which i will present pretty soon).

MCL pain area

MCL pain area

When Real Recovery Began – Diagnosis

After that incident, I had no choice but apply directly to the problem! First step was to try understand what exactly was my real problem! I located the pain area (photo 1) and while the description of my injury completely fits what is described as the cause/symptoms of MCL sprain i made my own diagnosis: I was suffering from Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain Grade I. Here i should notice that this is not a safe method to make a diagnosis.. accurate diagnosis is a doctor’s job!

Since I knew what exactly i had to face (or at least, this is what i was thinking) i had to build a recovery plan that would bring me back to sporting activities asap!

Next post will reveal my plan which unfortunately included a few missed decisions but finally helped me get into the right “self healing” direction. Stay tuned!



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