Olympic Committee’s National Medical Network accepts Physical Therapy Clinic

| February 17, 2014 | Reply

This is great news for all us who strongly believe on the potential of physical therapy is amazing! Renue Physical Therapy Clinic is the second clinic in Michigan to be accepted in this network that was first launhced on August 2013. This network includes facilities that offer services like orthopedic medicine, physical medicine primary care etc to athletes!

The managing partner of the clinic, Nick Hamlin, states “Access to high quality medical care including physical therapy for U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and future Olympians in training is a key objective of the USOC’s National Medical Network,”

Renue Physical Therapy

To be a member of this premium network a clinic should provide high quality services and sports-specialized professionals should be part of the staff. More specifically, an athletic trainer that has been member of Olympic Committee medical staff at previous Olympics as well as a certified physical therapist certified as sports clinical specialist are required for a clinic to be able to be accepted in this close team. In the case of Renue Physical Therapy Kent Timm, a physical therapy doctor who was active in Olympic Games of Atlanta and Sydney was one of the main reason that RPT was accepted to join the network!

RPT CEO Tony Klapish stated: “It’s an honor to be part of the USOC’s National Medical Network,”

We at Stretchify.com send congrats to Renue Physical Therapy and would be really excited to see other Physical Therapy Clinics join this premium network!



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