Physical Therapist explains the mechanism behind Stretching Potential

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A Washnington Physical Therapist, Staci Lyon (owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy) gives her own “thumbs up” to stretching. The main reason why stretching shouldn’t be overlooked lies in the fact that the whole body is a chain of muscles which are getting inflexible while we are getting older. This way muscles begin to apply force on one another. This situation, after a long period of time leads to chronic injuries and pains. For example, one of the most common ailments, lower back pain, is usually caused by tight hamstrings (our guide on hamstring stretching can be found here)! Tight hamstrings bring about an unnatural back bending when leaning forward. This improper bending increases the stress to back muscles thus increasing the risk of strain! And while stretching eradicates stiffness/tightness it has the potential to heal this pain!

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It’s getting quite obvious that dozens of serious ailments (we’ve spoken on many of them in our Stretching VS Diseases section) could be avoided only by means of stretching! Stretching can be a really effective shield against lower back pain, sciatica, knee pain, tennis elbow etc. The same mechanism also explains why Stretching is ideal in order for healing from several injuries!

So one of the main benefits of stretching, flexibility, is the main stretching benefit that makes stretching such an efficient option in terms of avoiding injuries and recovering from them!

Staci also refered to a few tips that could make stretching an easier option. For example stretching while in a warm shower is a good idea while the body is warm enough to avoid injuries due to stretching. According to her, only 3 minutes daily can bring about an amazing improvement in muscle balance that leads to the exceptional benefits we mention above.



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