Local Athletes share a simple tip to avoid injuries: Stretching

| February 18, 2014 | Reply

runner stretchingJeremy Brown and Seth Cooke, two local athletes, recently shared a simple tip that gave them the opportunity to both prevent injuries and recover faster from an injury! The point behind their plan lies on the fact that part of the preparation for a race should definitely be (apart from hard training)  a relaxation period which has the potential act as a shield against possible injuries! And obviously the most crucial part of a relaxation plan is definitely.. stretching!

This strategy gave the two athletes the opportunity to get rid off knee pain, IT Band strains etc!  Seth say upon the importance of stretching “I think the biggest thing is putting in the time to stretch before and after your workouts. We are all guilty of not stretching because we don’t want to take the time to do it, but it’s good to warm up and will save your muscles in the long run.” Seth also underlines the benefits of foam rollers which increase blood flow and relax tight/stiff muscles!

As for Jeremy Brown, he underlines the importance of warm up before stretching – which is something we remind you in every chance (have a look at our Guide on stretching for more crucial tips related to stretching)!  “I always have my athletes warm up and then stretch. You don’t want to stretch cold muscles. Do a 5-minute jog and a two and a half minute stretch before you start running. Strides, running drills and other more active stretches are also good if you don’t enjoy static stretching.”

A few really simple tips that everyone should take into consideration in case one would like to undistractedly enjoy sports after the first thirties! Here at Stretchify.com you will find so much information on stretching practically all body areas so what are you waiting for? Just grab the perks we offer you! And for those of you that don’t believe stretching does help.. why don’t you just give it a go?

PS: No need to remind our content manager’s positive feedback, George K., regarding stretching! Read our “Self Healer” Section for more info!



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