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| December 2, 2013 | Reply Notice: We decided to give George K., our content manager and an enthusiastic fan of Stretching, a corner at where he will be sharing his experience on stretching and how stretching helped him reverse  many serious issues!  George, now suffering from MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) strain, will be updating this section probably 3-4 times per month so as to give you an idea of  his progress on facing his issue! Besides he will share previous .. adventures and how he treated them (he’ve faced successfuly a serious patellar chondropathy, a tough lower abdominal strain and other minor myofascial diseases like De Quervain Syndrome, by means of ice therapy, stretching and exercising – no doctors, no drugs).  So here are the first words of George..

Hello dear stretching fans!


George in Action – Any idea how painful is this for the wrist?

My name is George K. and i am a Biologist (MSc in Applied Genetics)! I am also a passionate fan of sports like tennis, soccer and basketball and this passion brought about many serious troubles with muscle and soft tissue injuries, inflammation, pain etc. But if you ask me i would never change my sports habits because they help me maintain a golden balance that is so necessary for a happy life.

My Story

The first time i had a really serious trouble was when i faced a serious overuse syndrome that hit my right foot patella and almost led me to surgery! Till then i had never heard of the importance of Stretching! A few weeks before the surgery i followed a physiotherapy course that, according to my doctor, had almost zero possibilities to improve the situation! I have to reassure you this physiotherapy course worked wonders. And it was mainly based on stretching & exercise.. a rather dynamic approach to my issue, in complete contrast to the conservative attitude that 3 orthopedic doctors (whom i consulted earlier) suggested as ideal!  Rest and anti-inflammatory drugs was all their plan for and if you ask me this made my situation much worse.  And when that happened (and after an MRI examination) my last orthopedic gave me no choice but surgery (as i noticed before, he didn’t really believe that physiotherapy could fix me)! 4 months later i was again able to enjoy sports like i was doing before! And i am really grateful to my Physio, not only for fixing my trouble, but also for showing me an alternative perspective of how to face a serious injury!

This experience was a huge influence for me and also the main reason which motivated me to focus so intensively on ! I am confident there is great potential in stretching and rehabilitation exercises while so many people suffer huge pain and spend much money in all these conservatice approaches i described above!

Why “Self Healer”

From now on I will call this part of “Self Healer” and this is not an arrogant, fancy title. And of course i don’t believe everybody can fix all ailments on his/her own. The reason for this title is that i am convinced someone has so many simple things to do in order to heal himself/herself before seeking help! But this is only an opinion! Follow or ignore what i share here on your own responsibility! And you should definitely know when it’s about time to stop working on your own and ask for support by experts!

Next article will focus on describing my latest issue (MCL Strain) and how i am facing it! Stay tuned for more!

IMPORTANT NOTICE 1: This part of neither contains scientific information, nor can it be a substitution for professional healthcare advice! Please read carefully the Disclaimer found in the footer of! The only reason “Self Healer” is launched is to give you an alternative view you’ve probably never thought of!

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: I want to make clear that obviously most doctors are absolutely capable of helping people! I believe my doctors were an unpleasant exception! And of course when things get really tough you should definitely talk to an expert doctor that will drastically support you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE 3: Another point i want to make clear is about the importance of a chiropractor, physiotherapist or personal trainer! Please don’t misunderstand me.. i think they can make the difference and help someone recover without the need of a surgery or drugs use! And they can teach you how to face similar issues in the future! In my case, my physio showed me the way to get through most of the myofascial injuries by following a simple tactic i will gradually describe in the following posts.

Once again, and in order to avoid possible misunderstandings: This blog is created neither to devalue the real professionals (doctors, physios etc) nor to replace them. The reason of existance of this blog is to show people how by following some simple tactics (even on home) you can relieve many (more or less) serious diseases on your own. That’s all!



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