Skier fully recovers from neck breaking accident in 2 months!

| February 9, 2014 | Reply

The amazing potential of a combination of surgery/physiotherapy and stretching is impressive! Almost 45 days after the tragic accident of the F1 Legend, Michael Schumacher we have some good and insipring news to broadcast. 23-year old Anderson Taylor while skiing at Les Deux Alpes (a snow park which has the largest skiable glacier in Europe) had a devastating accident breaking 2 vertebrae and destroying the disc between them while skiing in French Alps.

Anderson had to walk a tough path! The first step to recovery was an emergency operation in Grenoble and after that he had to wear a neck brace for 4 months. But would it be possible for him to enjoy skiing ever again?


The next part of his recovery was the most crucial.. as we’ve mentioned many times at the potential of a complete physiotherapy session works wonder and once again  we proved absolutely right. An intensive and well scheduled physiotherapy routine gave him the opportunity  to regain his neck mobility! And not only that.. he was again able to sky! This physiotherapy course was including a combination of strengthening exercises, a wisely choosen stretching routine as well as accupuncture! This combo was able to loose and strengthen his neck muscles and it was that which finally gave him the ticket to fully recovery in less thant 2 months!

Anderson stated “I am back skiing now which is incredible, and something I never thought would happen,”! Another story to confirm the potential of stretching if sensibly combined with muscle strengthening!

PS: This is the very first article of our News section! We will try to cover the most important stories related to physical therapy, stretching and chiropractice! Stay tuned!



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