Top 7 Stretching workouts for joint pain

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by Health Blogger Sophie Addison

The major cause of joint pain is arthritis, a condition that affects the varied joints located in different parts of the body. When one is suffering from arthritis, the joints become painful and stiff. There are many benefits of exercising, and they include making one stay young, flexible and strong, losing weight, management of pain and increasing endurance. Research shows that the joint pain overview encourages patients to take part in the exercise as one of the major ways of managing joint pain. The following are the top seven workouts that can help in stretching the joints when one is suffering from joint pains:

  • Involve a physiotherapist

It is advisable for patients suffering from joint pains to include physiotherapist in their care and management. The physiotherapist will evaluate the physical ability of a person and come up with a plan on how to engage in exercises without worsening the condition. The physiotherapist guides the patient to be able to stretch without injuring the body, and once they can do exercises alone, then it can become part of their daily routine.

  • Allow the fingers to walk

The joints in the fingers are common sites for psoriatic pain associated with arthritis. The following stretching exercises help in making the fingers more flexible. Rest the hand on a flat surface like the table with the palm facing upwards, and then bend all the fingers into the palm of the hand.

Rest the hand on a flat surface with the palm down and then lift each finger, one at a time as high on the flat surface as one is able

Hold the hand outwards, and then touch every fingertip with the tip of the thumb.

  • Flexing the forearm and the elbow

It is advisable to do flexibility exercises every day for 15 minutes. The exercises can also be repeated in the course of the day because there is no harm in repeating it.

The flexibility exercises that can help with the forearm and the elbow are resting the palm on a flat surface with the elbow closely set on the side. Flip the hand from the palm down to up during which the elbow is left to remain still. It is advisable to repeat this exercises ten times.

  • Moving the head around

This exercise helps in stretching the neck and maintains it in a healthy condition. When one is doing stretches, it is important to hold the position but this should not be the case in case pain is present. This exercise takes place when sitting in an upright chair with the back straight up. The head is bent sideways facing each side of the shoulder to stretch it, and it is advisable to hold this position for five seconds. Keep the back still and then stretch the head to each side as far as one is able without pain.

  • Avoid bouncing the backbone

It is advisable to avoid any bounce when doing the stretch exercises. When stretching the back, one can start by lying on the back on a flat and firm surface. Bend the knees upward with the feet lying flat on the surface. It is advisable to hold each stretch for five seconds and to repeat the exercise ten times. Tighten the abdomen to push the back flat as much as one can manage. Then, keep the back flat and roll the knees from one side to the other. Lastly, one should push down with the shoulders and feet while lifting the lower back.

  • Remember to exercise the feet

Joint pains n can occur in all joints in the body including the ones in the toes and ankles. The exercises that one can do on the feet and toes include:

Placing the foot on a flat surface, press down with the toes to increase the arch of the feet

Keep the legs out straight and then stretch each foot as far as one can stretch.

Keep the legs straight out and then make a complete circle with every foot, starting with one and then the other.

  • Other exercises

The other stretching exercises for joint pain include swimming, walking and aerobic exercises. It is important to include the physiotherapist when doing these exercises.

stretching exercise

Joint pain is common in patients, who suffer from arthritis, and it can affect any joint in the body, and this includes the joints that are in the feet, ankles, toes, arms and the neck. It is important to include a physiotherapist when starting the exercises to have a good plan that will help to avoid more injury to the joints. Also there are many remedies to these complications that include physical exercise and natural food supplements (such as AquaFlexin that helps in relieving joint pain, and boosts overall joint flexibility).



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