Unable To Sleep? Try These Yoga Poses

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by Health and Fitness Writer Willo Conner

Sleep is an essential thing for the health of the eyes and the general body health including the brain. The brain also becomes tired due to lack of rest and unable to think about very small issues as fast as it is expected. Lack of sleep is generally associated with too much stress and drug consumption. A drug such as khat deprives sleep and sometimes people use it for the advantage when they have a lot of work to handle overnight. Lack of sleep state can be dealt with by avoiding drugs and doing yoga poses that impose relaxation hence reduction of stress that is the major cause of sleepless nights. The following yoga poses are the best for the sleepless people for stimulation of sleep.

  1. Posing like a child

These involve torso folding the legs while the hands are extended on both sides then place your forehead on the surface. This is a type of exercise that assists to reduce stress by promoting relaxation through diversion of the mind from your worries. When already in position, breathe in with a lot of concentration as you massage the forehead hence promoting relaxation that will prompt sleep.

sleep yoga

  1. Posing like a dead person

In this yoga pose, lie down on your back then divert the attention of your mind to your body and breathe in with a lot of mind concentration. This will divert you from you from your worries hence bringing relaxation which in turn provides a Conducive environment for sleep.

  1. Breathing using the left nostril while seated with legs crossed

This requires one to sit down with the legs crossed together. Then close the right nostril using your finger then have about ten deep breaths. This will cause sleep immediately because much concentration is focused on breathing since the body is not getting enough air through one nostril. Stressing moments are forgotten in this case.

  1. Placing your legs against the wall while lying on your back

In this pose, one is required to lie down on the floor with the legs placed against the wall. Then close your eyes for about five minutes. Raising the legs and putting against the wall is perceived to allow the blood to flow back to the heart which provides a soothing effect. Any stress is therefore reduced promoting a peaceful, healthy sleep.

  1. Bending forward and bringing the head to the ground

This is the simplest yoga pose that is most suitable for beginners just some minutes before sleeping. According to yoga expert Bielkus advice, one is recommended to sit on a pillow with the legs crossed to avoid any discomfort then rest the head on the ground. This provides relaxation environment to the entire body thus promoting sleep.

  1. Twisting your spine while you lie on your back

This is a pose that can be performed in the bed, unlike the others which are done on the floor. This requires you to lie down on your back then fold your legs and direct them to the left side of the body then spread your arms on the respective sides and gaze on the right side. Once you obtain this posture take a number of deep breaths. Alternatively both legs can be brought up and then placed in such a way that one is above the other. These body twists reduce the tension an individual might be having hence enhancing sleep.

  1. Legs overhead pose

This is a kind of pose where one lies down with the back on the ground and the legs overhead. According to yoga journal, one is required to stay in this posture for at least five minutes for effectiveness. The hands are placed on the floor to support the back on the ground. Turning allows flow of the blood around the body making the body relaxed and hence fast sleep.

yoga poses - Plow Pose position (halasana)

  1. Lying with your back on the ground and feet brought together

In this pose, one is recommended to lie down on his back then bring then make the feet come in contact. If you are straining to place your feet on the bare ground, folded pillows or blankets are the most suitable to provide support to your knees. Place one of a hand on the chest around the heart and another on your stomach then breathe in as you check the breathing movements. This will divert all the concentration to your breathing hence stress is left aside thus promoting sleep.


Stress is a great stimulator of sleepless nights. Yoga poses help to relieve stress by causing relaxation through diverting the brain from stress to body breathing. If you deny yourself, enough sleep your eyes may turn red and you may look dull hence destroying your natural beauty. Beauty sleep has many health benefits. Thus sleep plays a very important role for a healthy body.

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