What Clothes Should You Wear to a Yoga Class?

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by yoga enthousiast June

Yoga can be a great exercise not only for the body, but also mind and soul. When practicing this discipline you give yourself the opportunity to improve your fitness and strengthen the muscles, but also center your mind. When you are just getting into it, it is important that you learn the right moves and forms, but also that you have the right apparel. Wearing appropriate clothing not only ensures that you look your best, but also makes sure that your body is not restricted and all the movements are easy to perform. Knowing exactly what to wear to a yoga class is not always easy for beginners, but there are a few tips that can help you out. And shopping with coupons from such sites as Discountrue will help you to save big in Nordstrom or other popular shops offering yoga equipment.

Here are the types of clothes that you should wear to yoga:

  • Cotton and Linen

You want your workout clothing to be made from fabric that will not restrict your movements, but you do not want that material to be too tightly fitted. The best type of such clothes to wear are actually made from linen and cotton. These fabrics will fit you loosely and allow you to perform all the yoga poses with ease. The downward-facing dog is no problem in cotton and linen! These materials do not bind and will allow you to feel comfortable not only on your first yoga class, but all the other ones to come as well.

  • Don’t Hide Your Body

Yoga clothes should cover your body, but they don’t have to hide your figure! There is a reason why most yoga apparel is made from spandex and other stretch materials. They are designed to fit to your body and allow you to move comfortably, but also show off what you are working with. If you want to look good as well, you certainly shouldn’t be wearing yoga clothing that is baggy or sagging off.

  • No Street Clothes

Jeans and a T-shirt might sound like a good choice at first, but you should never go for this option. You need to be wearing athletic apparel that is specifically designed to help you make the most of your workout routine. There are plenty of athletic brands of clothing that specialize in making yoga gear. This means that you should be able to find many options that look great and help you to do yoga without any restrictions!

Author Bio: June enjoys an active lifestyle and her passion is to popularize that among as many people as possible. Some of her favorite forms of activity involve pilates and yoga. She has also recently taken an interest in healthy eating and in free time she likes to prepare nutritious meals for her loved ones.



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