Can Yoga Beat Low Back Pain?

| February 12, 2014 | 2 Replies

Yoga for back painYesterday we had the opportunity to read a really interesting article/interview on the prestigious Huffington Post regarding the potential of Yoga poses against Back Pain. Eva Norlyk Smith, a managing editor at YogaUOnline,  interviewed yoga therapist Robin Rothenberg, who is also famous for his yoga protocal that was used for one of the first NIH-funded studies on yoga for back pain! Let’s have a quick look to some of the most interesting parts of the interview!

Eva asked Robin about the reasons behind the stats that show almost 8 of 10 people suffer from back pain at least once in their life and his answer was quite clear! The sedentary lifestyle, either on home or in the office is according to Robin the main reason behind this phenomenon!

Robin also spoke on the actual results of his therapeutic efforts! He reports a beyond doubt reduction of pain though complete eradication is not achieveable! Even more important it is the fact that the patients follow a combination of education and self-understanding and this self-awereness is that makes the difference. The approach Robin utilizes with his patients is based on :

  • boost of the balance in the musculoskeletal system gained by means of stretching and strengthening
  • developing a stronger core
  • breathing better and smiling

According to Robin the best method to achieve a great balance is a sequence of stretching-strengthening-stretching while stretching releases chronic tightness! Then it’s about time to strengthen your core because this chronic tightness is usually because of underlying weekness and here lies the importance of strengthening! When the strenghtening part is complete it’s about time for a new stretching session in order to enjoy a “sense of resilience in the body”! These 3 parts are equally necessary! For example stretching withouth strengthening can lead to backlash or other issues!

It’s definitely an interesting interview and if you want to learn more click here!



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